Since 1920, no special awards jeweler has taken better care of it's customers than AJ Dennison Co. 

We have been producing, in the United States the highest quality, custom emblematic jewelry for over 90 years. Our product line of quality lapel pins, charms, and other emblem accessories is both creative and diverse, and continues to grow every day.

We provide creative design services by our skilled artist, and our team of experienced craftsmen create tooling and perform all aspects of manufacturing.

We have been continuing to build relationships with our customers which has alway been our big focus.

The only thing that exceeds the quality of our jewelry is the service that we provide.

We pay meticulous attention to detail.

That’s what makes doing business with us such an enjoyable experience.

Thank you for visiting AJ DENNISON CO online. Pease do not hesitate to contact us with any questions by calling us, or contacting us here.

Scott Case